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As I told you in previous post I was heading to Cairns for the UCI Downhill World Cup. You have probably seen my posts already in social media about the event and thats GOOD! I'm going to recap here shortly what I've been up to here.

I started working on Monday in construction team offering my absolute expertise in this field. We built few platforms for the TV crew on the XCO course. After we finished the platforms I saw one guy struggling to decide how to line the course so I gave a hand and did some lining as well. All the riders can now thank me of that gnarly lining before hell's gate! xD Next thing was to sit and relax. Working at the WC event ain't too stressful at least for the casual workforce.  Before the first day was done I put few signs on place at the finish gate, installed a grippy flooring at the DH start gate and set up the pallets to the ground at the bike wash corner. People were totally excited about the colours we put there. Few shades of green gives Aussies a little mental cutting edge against other nationalities. Time to call day done and open a beer. Cheers!

On Tuesday I was in broadcast crew. This was quite good exercise as our job was to pull loads of TV cable from the bottom of the hill to the TV cameras. Friday was also broadcasting. All the cables were on the hill so now we were taking the cameras on right spots.

Camera spot 6 to truck. We are on and rolling. Sweet!
Thursday was exciting day as I was one of the 41 course marshals. I started climbing towards my spot at 7:00am and because of the slight delay in practise I got my ass back to the event village at about 6:00pm. Quite long day but who cares. I was able to see all the pros practising their lines and for my surprise my marshal point showed to be quite interesting as who else than Duncan Philpott, Sven Martin and Tim Bardsley-Smith was keeping me company for several hours. It was so cool to chat with these sport photograph GURUS!! And as cherry on top of everything I also met the mountainbike legend Rod Warner! 

Morning on qualification day. Never get bored of these views here in Queensland.

Martin and Tim as snipers behind the net. Nice camouflage bros!
Claudio Caluori and Troy Brosnan doing their course preview

Massive huck before the Paw Paw's

Tomorrow is the Big Day as the racers are going to fly through the tropical jungle of Cairns here in Queensland Australia and settle who will be the winner of round 2. Lets hope we have a nice sunny weather and everything goes well.

PS. I have tomorrow off so I can concentrate on the race and shoot some photos and just fully enjoy the World Cup atmosphere! Stay tuned and remember to watch the Redbull live stream from ! See ya laterz!

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