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Bali, surfers paradise and much more!

Business goes as usual says stockbroker when shit hits the fan. I have to inform you that while being abroad this long I have sadly forgot how to write in Finnish so now on this will be just English! =D
Just kiddin’. I haven’t forgot Finnish language. Its just that increasing number of foreign people want to follow my blog so I decided to make their reading experience a bit easier. Soo…. This is my ninth week in Australia and Cairns. Woot! Things haven’t gone like I thought but more about that later. Lets recap ummmmm Bali at first I guess? Yaman! Bali was f*cking aaaamazing! I stayed most of my time in Canggu and it was so fun. Ridiculous scooter riding and surfing and partying on the beach! Wowzaa!

Our hostel - The Temple
Lets start with surfing. Took my first lesson there and on my surprise I nailed it like immediately! We had couple of other people from our hostel doing the lesson at the same time and the teachers were also from our hostel. Awesome times! The next day I went to do some surfing again but I realised one shitty thing. I don’t know how the hell pick the right waves! Every time I got up the wave just died after and when I got a good wave I smashed. But after all I got couple of good waves and that was enough to give the adrenaline rush! It is simply so cool!

Day trip to Uluwatu
Roads in Bali have nice decos.
This picture is nuts!
Nice looking restaurant. It was abandoned though.

The biggest wtf experience was when I found out there is a actual bike park in Bali. I was super stoked and I was already hitting the trails in my mind. So I went to talk to these guys and they even promised to private shuttle me to the hills so I don’t have to wait for newbies if I take normal group session. YA MAN! Unfortunately I got sick the day before and I had to cancel my session :(( After I got better I experienced another drawback with tarmac. Some wounds here and there so no riding during my stay in Bali but also no more surfing! I was super bummed. I tried to keep positive vibes up thinking that I will come back here and can do these things later cause sure I am coming back!
Oh and I also had troubles with my phone (AGAIN) as a big ass wave hit the shore and made my phone feel very moist inside. It took some effort to sort out as employees in Oppo stores really don’t speak English and my bahasa indonesia isn’t quite that good yet.

What else… I drove to waterfalls and some beaches. Met couple of evil monkeys that stole and broke stuff from tourists. Pretty basic.

Gitgit Waterfall

Same same but different
The most beautiful and relaxing guesthouse I've ever been in! @Uluwatu

Not a bad view when taking morning piss.

Lots of signs and still got lost every day. Or night.
Dreamland beach Uluwatu.
View from Old Man's bar to the beach where I did my surfing in Canggu.
Evil monkey!

First time during my travels as my visa was running out I felt uncomfortable. I knew I need to leave Indonesia and its beautiful nature and all these nice people. I need to start thinking how to spend money more careful and start making my own food again! Filling a noodle cup with hot water doesn’t count as making food.

My last days in Indonesia I spent in Gili Trawangan with my German friend Max. Gili Trawangan, enough said.
Enjoying the sunset @Gili T
Hey boyz, lets make a road! @Gili T

It was my last night in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia. I still remember my last meal. Nasi Goreng and a little chocolate cake with ice cream. I laughed that few weeks before I was so full of rice and shit and now I knew Im gonna miss the same shit. Its just so good. Then I took a shower at my friends hostel and took Uber to airport.

All good stories have an end and so has this. But its still to come because it was time to move to Australia!! :DD This was just an end of a chapter. Keep rockin!!!!

Street art @Kuta

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