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G'arvo and welcome to Australia! This doco of my stories is a fair dinkum!

Australian slang is weird. I remember when two locals came talking to me in Cairns. After one minute of hearing them I realised I have no idea what my mates were saying. Probably something to do with beer or goon. Goon is a word for cheap wine. I mean cheap. Real cheap. 4 litres of that "heavenly" juice can cost just 10AUD. To my Finnish mates it makes about 6,6 euros. Try to find 4l box of wine in ALKO! Les impossibles.

Ok so what's going on here in Australia? I flew from Bali to Cairns which is located in north of the state of Queensland. Reason for not writing in a long time again is that as soon as I got myself in Australia I got this reeaally weird and annoying flu or what the devil it was! For nearly 4 weeks I was just chillin around coz there was no energy in my system. After getting better I managed to do some waterfall trips and wakeboarding but then again my luck was against me and I bent my knee! Oh my dear f*cking videoplayer.

But yea it was anyway mostly good times in Cairns. Did sum camping and like I said couple of waterfall trips and wakeboarding. Behana Gorge was really nice waterfall. It took about 3h to jump from rock to rock along the river until we reached to actual waterfall. There was one a bit unfortunate and scary moment when my friend slipped down a small series of 2 waterfalls by accident. She hurt her feet by hitting it in a underwater rock but as I am the 'Man of The Year' I carried her to the main waterfall and back to our minivan. Naah it was not that bad just couple of kilometres. No biggies.
The main waterfall was beautiful set of smaller ones. And we also jumped from about 15 metres high rock to water. It was cool! There IS a video of me jumping and I was supposed to get it via facebook but as my memory is closer to goldfish's I dont remember the name of the girl who took it sooooo... Thats about it then.

Making our way to the waterfall

Standing in the middle of stream. And it was really slippery!

Behana Gorge 

You really don't meet many Finns while travelling. I've met during my 6 months travelling maybe 5 Finns. And waddap, two of them in Cairns in the same hostel I stayed! And actually a third one as well! It was crazy thing. I was just sitting and watching a movie when suddenly I heard someone asking "Tuukka?". And there she was. A girl from Finland who RECOGNIZED me from my blog pictures! Haha! That was the first of my many up coming fan meets! Awesome! Im famous! Ok back to the two others. We did a really nice full day trip with Emmi, Iina and Floris. Floris is a dutch guy with a beard. And funny. The trip included tree watching (a really damn big one), Millaa Millaa aka Loreal photoshoot waterfall, couple of other sights and a lunch break. Oh yea and also spotting tiny little turtles!

Hmm okey I have now tried to upload couple of short video clips and photos but the wifi has been soo sloooow recently that Im just gonna skip that. I'll add them later. Maybe. Hopefully.

I'll write down here that I need to add photos at least from the beer pong tournament and BBQ night.

After Cairns I flew to Melbourne to meet my friend Max. Did little partying and of course tried to find some work coz the numbers in our bank account were closer to 0 than ehmm million. After many calls and emails and 9h bus ride we found ourselves in Merbein, a small town near Mildura. Here we have stayed now for 3 weeks. I've been picking oranges, cutting onion flowers, cutting and covering wine bushes. Shit work with shit salary. Ha yea actually I got kicked out from the orange farm one friday. We didnt get along with that mental tractor driver who was shouting if he saw even one orange hanging in the middle of a tree. "100% coin guys I want 100% coin! Pick em all!" And I can tell that you just cant reach every orange. The trees are really mean bitches with sharp branches. For my surprise I was assigned to go there again next monday. Oh boy but was there even bigger surprise when I got there. I heard that the tractor guy might have got some feedback from his boss and for the next 4 days he was really nice to me :D Even brought me and Max longer ladders. There you go! Don't mess with me!

So now we are here at the hostel and we have lots of cool people living with us. I think it will be nice christmas here. We have food, presents and other cool things to do. No snow but instead from 35 to over 40 degrees every day. Gettin my tanning! Ugh!

New year will be celebrated probably near Melbourne. There is one nice festival called Tanglewood. That will be a different experience. New years Eve in a festival. Im in!

For now I wish merry christmas and happy new year to all the readers! Year 2015 was a year of big decisions, lots of planning and great great experiences. I think that year 2016 will be full on with even greater experiences! 

Keep calm and takki auki!

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