sunnuntai 28. helmikuuta 2016

Work hard, play harder

Christmas went and so did new year. I ended up celebrating those events here in Merbein. It was really nice to be here with all the good people but not everything went like in Strömssö. I broke my hand on Christmas and got a nice pink cast on it. Fuccc! I was so "&%+!## pissed off !

Enjoying Christmas dinner at the hostel with my favourite twins.

Life with one hand was familiar to me and it sucked as much as before. Being broke didn't help me because now I couldn't work normally. I did some random tasks here at the hostel so I could cover my rent which was good. I did cleaning, raking, built new bunk beds and I even did lawn mowing one day.

It was almost February and I was counting days to one of the best events Im going to take part this year. Rainbow Serpent 2016 festival! I was also counting the days how long I had to wear the cast. At first the doctors said that 3 weeks is enough as it is only a small fracture. So I went to see the doc before I left Merbein and zadam, they didn't even take the x-ray as at first was the plan. The doc looked at my cast, gave props to the drawings and told me to wear that another 2 weeks. SHIT! Im going to hit the festival with the cast in my hand...

Now thinking afterwards I didn't even realise I had my cast at the festival. And the pink colour gave me an idea of the costume, Festival Fairy! :D

Roxy and Festival Fairy

Enjoying the sunset and last night.

The festival was sooo crazy! People were dressed up and filled with good festival spirit. I have never experienced anything like this event! Need to come back next year! :D


My parents came to see me for two weeks here in Australia in beginning of February. That meant a nice holiday for me from backpacker lifestyle. And finally I also got rid of my cast! I was so happy when I walked away from the hospital that I just ran to the trolley. I was sooo stoked to be free again!

On the roof of Shrine of Remembrance
Some of the decos of Chinese New Year in Melbourne
The Tigers!
During the 2 weeks I showed Melbourne around, we drove the Great Ocean Road, visited Grampians national park and Yarra Valley. At first I was a bit skeptical how the time will go but everything went really nice. Anyway we haven't seen each other in 7 months.

Road trip started naturally from Melbourne. It was my first time driving a car in Australia when we left the rental place. Quite interesting way to come familiar with driving the "wrong" side, in the heart of Melbourne. But I don't know was it that I haven't been driving a car in 7 months or what but it was actually really easy to adjust yourself driving from right side. I only mixed ONCE side indicator and windscreen wiper whiskers. Nice! Afterwards I actually think that driving the wrong side is better. Or it can be the Australian infrastructure as well what makes me think that because the roads and roundabouts are much wider so its really easy and convenient to drive.

Great Ocean Road and the Apostles
South Victoria suffered some bushfires some weeks ago. Along the Great Ocean Road
Friendly wallaby
Grampians National Park and one of the many lookouts
Signal station at Cape Otway, Great Ocean Road
We spotted some Koalas on our way to Cape Otway


So I came back to Merbein to earn some money and celebrate my 30th birthday! Ya man! People won’t believe that I turned 30. And I never believed that I would celebrate that day while travelling. I think I have never said this before so now its the time. Its never too late to travel and I'm glad I made my decision. This has been the most amazing thing I’ve done in my life. 

Work work work. I’ve done lately quite crazy hours. I got over 80h in a week and the longest day was 17h :D DAMN! At least we had some really good pizza and chips after work. Now my plan is to make some money to be able to travel somewhere after this. When and where is still a mystery. I have some things going on but I reveal my plans some other time.

C ya laterz!

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