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Once again I apologise for not updating my blog. Its just been quite normal everyday life here at Gold Coast working 6 days a week so nothing too special hasn’t happened. We made a little roadtrip few weeks back to Byron Bay and Nimbin with dem lads which was one epic adventure. I lost my phone which luckily was found afterwards and Im getting it back! Sweeeet! Will post sum stuff when I get it!
Hippy vibes at Byron. Absolute amazing time.

Beautiful Gold Coast 8)

But lets get back to business! My first year here in Australia is about to end and Im heading back to Asia. Im starting from Bali. Yes yes I know I’ve been there already but what can I do. It’s really lovely place and I was thinking of taking part in a surf camp to master the waves of Padang Padang! :D

After Bali? I’ve been to Sumatra and Java so east is where I point my compass. Question is where to? There's Komodo, Flores, Sulawesi, Papua, sooo many places! I need your, my dear friend's help. Any piece of advice, hints or tips are welcome!

Places in eastern Indonesia where you have been and liked it, stuff you have done or know that are good adventure OR then just things you want ME to do! :D 


After Indonesia I was thinking of going to Philippines so ALL THE ABOVE APPLIES FOR THIS TOO!

Please leave comments here beloooow or if you’r feeling shy just PM me.

Thanks fellas and bellas!

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  1. Sulawesi ehdottomasti. Filippiineiltä siquijor tai camiquin hyviä mestoja