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First in Australia is here by done. Amazing year that went way too fast. Luckily I did my farm work so at least another year ahead. First, lets enjoy Asia.

I arrived to Bali and went no where else than to Canggu. For my surprise, in a negative way, I realised how much the area has developed and is developing all the time. In few years it will be next Seminyak. Anyway, I enjoy Canggu. At first my plan was to stay there only for few days but ended up surfing and partying for a week surrounded by amazing people.

At the hostel I met a girl and we decided to do some adventurous island hopping. Sounded good as I haven’t been to these island and the pictures Adele showed really convinced me.
So we took the boat to Nusa Lembongan. Did some snorkeling, exploring the neighbouring island Nusa Ceningan and had a nice massage. And we got the most cleanest and cheapest homestay I’ve ever been into. Owners were really nice too giving us free candy :D We also enjoyed a free infinity pool with million starts above us. We were walking the beach and saw this nice looking pool in a villa area and decided just to jump in as it seemed to be quiet over there :P 

Cliffs at Nusa Ceningan

After Lembongan and Ceningan we took a boat to Nusa Penida, the real gem. Our plan was to enjoy the million star hotel and camp on the beaches but first night was ruined by the rain. As we were driving back from the beach and stopped to take some petrol the people of the house asked where we going. After hearing we don’t have a place to stay they offered us their daughters room! Filled with toys and 1 mattress we accepted it. Anyway we didn’t want to get wet and they made us food and we had some karaoke too. Really nice people! 

Our hosts at Ceningan
Moped gang
For these guys western style moped gang was a new thing

About the previous beach, after short walk and spiky rocks, there was hiding the most beautiful and completely natural infinity pool ever. We heard a story of a girl who unfortunately were flushed into the ocean by strong high tide waves hitting the pool and ended up drowned. I had a look at the tide charts and it was only mid tide getting to high so good to go! Absolutely amazing feeling standing at the edge feeling and seeing how the waves hit the rocks! Bit scary but to experience something you have to be a bit brave! Oh and there was also a pretty cool natural bridge.

Angel's Billabong infinity pool
Cool pose
Broken Sea natural bridge next to Angel's

Next day was a success! Swimming to an island with a temple on top of it. It required a bit effort to swim there and the currents were challenging so we had to be careful when trying to climb to the island. It can really hurt if a wave throws you towards the rocks. 

Island we swam to
We also found a temple built inside a cave

Entrance to the cave

Then we drove to another beach in the middle of the night. Navigating by using my headlamp we climbed down this really steep track. The track didn’t lead us to the beach but instead to a real treehouse! :O:DDD That looked so DOPE we had to climb in even though the door was locked. The treehouse had a bed inside so we decided to settle in for a night. Interesting thing was that we had no idea how it looked like outside coz it was pitch black. So after enjoying the night we woke up 5:30 to see the sunrise and that UNREAL view to the ocean! I’ve never experienced a wake up like that before and for completely free! :D


Sunrise from the treehouse 8)

Next stop was Ubud in Bali. Adele had her scooter left at the pier and for our surprise when we got back to Sanur (the pier in Bali) the scooter was NOT there! WTF..? The locals said that some guy came and took the scooter. Our only hope was that the guy who took it was the owner, not thief or some other lower class scumbag. After several phone calls and a visit to rental place all was good! There was misunderstanding about extending the rent so the owner tracked down (how the fuck?) the scooter and took it back.
After one night in Ubud we were heading to Gili Trawangan. Yes, Gili T again but I had few other mates going there as well so I thought it will be good times and its only short distance from Lombok where I wanted to go next.
This lovely lady gave us both necklaces as a gift. Ok it probably worked coz then I bought my first souvenir. Map of Bali carved in wood. It actually is pretty nice. 

Good times with locals!
After Gili I said goodbye to Adele and me and my mates took the boat to Lombok and headed to Kuta beach which is the complete opposite to Bali’s Kuta. Really small and undeveloped village. Good change of atmosphere! We also met two girls Julia and Laura who we met in Canggu before. We did some surfing and a trip to the waterfalls. Waterfall trip was great. We saw two snakes. Georg’s and some brown poisonous little bastard which almost bit Georg. I won’t forget how he jumped in to the air when he saw that. 

Day trip to waterfalls

It’s friday morning and rest of the group is heading back to Bali and Im sitting in a car driving to Senaru to start my trek to Gn Rinjani. It had an eruption just last week and it was closed for few days but it’s open again so lets hit it! Hiking the volcano takes 3 days so I probably have some kind of social media silence during that time so don’t worry. I’ll report when Im back!

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